The send button in the form does not allow me to receive mee!

Hello, I can’t make the send button send an email to in the form
I’m desperate, could you help me solve this problem?..I really have no idea of programming and I’m new to sparkle…thank you very much!!

PS: by the way, I uploaded to sparkle 5 on Mac Os Monterrey and the submenus stopped working, the videos do not play, they only download and the entire page was deconfigured, I had to access it on an old computer to continue the project

Please send a screenshot of your send button settings. Please also try the mail-tester troubleshooting:

  • go to
  • get an email address
  • set that email address in your “recipient” field
  • publish your site again
  • send a test contact form
  • go back to the page and view the results (and share the page link with me so I can look too)