There is a problem with the published blog index page. Help me

There is no problem viewing the blog index page in the preview. Export it locally and publish it to the server, and then click the page to download it PHP file this phenomenon, others HTML files are normal.

Hi @Shun, that would suggest the server is not configured to process PHP files. Could you contact your web hosting and show them the problem, they should be able to enable PHP on your account or tell you what the problem is.

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I have another question for you
When I only publish 960px or 1200px device web pages, the exported files will be displayed normally. When I customize the size of the web page to 320px, and then publish it to the hard disk, the exported web page only displays part of the content.
I don’t know why. I hope you can help me solve it.
Thank you very much

There is no difference in the published website. The only problem can be if you are not using “offline compatible”, viewing a website from the Finder won’t work. I suggest you either use the preview service that’s built-in in Sparkle, or publish to a staging area on your server (a test folder like The purpose of exporting to disk is actually to either edited the code before publishing or upload in some way that Sparkle doesn’t directly support.