There’s Movement At The Station As The Word Has Got Around

Thank you @Allan for your kind word… appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a bit of work to get the FAQs Mini-Block to work but it works great! Your version is also a good alternative, and I like how you have thought outside the box! :slight_smile:

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A good site to test all screen sizes (Apple and Android) when Mobile auto-scaling is enabled is


Thanks @Mart! :slight_smile:
I came across this several weeks ago and although it is great to get an idea what is happening across the mobile devices I don’t feel they are 100% reliable. The same with Safari Developer Responsive Mode.

In the end the most reliable way is to test on the actual device (Apple or Android) with the actual browser installed. I mean that is what our potential clients will be using!

I can assure you this tool is pretty reliable. Every time I’ve found an error, it turned out to be the same on the actual device. Testing on the actual devices is of course always the best way to test but ondoable unless you have all the different phones. Mobile autoscaling causes issues with Safari (such as missing or overlapping text and height difference between text and images) more often than you might initially think.

I totally agree Mart, Safari is a bugger when it comes to mobile auto-scaling and a tool like “I love Adaptive” can be of help. But going back to what I have said, at the moment “I love Adaptive” is showing iPhone 11 Pro has a text box not long enough and half-cutting off the last line of text.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro in the flesh and that is not what I see on the screen!

In the end don’t you just love the web with all its inconsistencies, idiosyncrasy and peculiarities for us Web Designers’ to iron out!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Hendrik.

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Is your time zone GMT +11 hrs = near 8 pm right now?
I just ask myself when your “office hours” are.
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Did Duncan discover something in your latest template?

Mr. F.

Hi Horst…
Yes you are right. It is nearly 8pm here.
Mmmm… Office hours are a bit flexible as you probably have noticed ! :slight_smile:

Yes Duncan & Daniele did. They know the issue! :slight_smile:

So I know this post has gotten very very long, and maybe some of you didn’t get to see what Flamin’ Fig launched in February? - appropriately named Flamin’ Fig February!

So here is a quick rundown…

Also I released a blog post talking about my take on moving our templates to 2 editable devices based on 7 years of user stats. from around the world - Just Two Editable Devices

Thanks Sparkle(rs)! :slight_smile: :clap: :star:

As it turns out the mobile autoscaling glitches are fixed in today’s release of iOS 17!


Oh you little beauty!!! :slight_smile: :man_dancing: :rocket:
That is fantastic news Duncan!!! :slight_smile: