Thinking About Pinterest

Hi, has anyone here implemented Pinterest share buttons successfully on their Sparkle site?

Hey @jazzbird

I’m not sure, but as far as Pinterest goes, without using an “external sharing service” it’s really user based, like extensions and such.

Unless you want to add an external service for all social media shares (facebook, twitter, pinterest and all of these), I don’t believe theres another way.

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Thank you @primo! I keep seeing on all those Mummy blogs a Pinterest “pin” on images etc and I’m keen to replicate this for my blog. I’m a bit clueless with these things!

@jazzbird, Something like this I’m sure can be of help -

What they show you to do can be done on your Sparkle website and you do this via an Embed element on the page where you want the Pinterest pin(s) to show.

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Thank you @greenskin! Ooh, this looks like it! I’ll give it a whirl today and see how it goes. I wrote to @Duncan last night suggesting that if Sparkle could consider implementing it via the add-on button sometime in the future. A couple of other website builders now have it as it’s a big thing for bloggers.

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@jazzbird, Yes I totally agree! Pinterest is very much underrated and if done right yields great results.
I think it would be a really great addition to Sparkle! :slight_smile:

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Pinterest is very interesting, and depending on your type of business, it’s game changing.

But, as far as I know, Duncan & team won’t be able to add any more functionality to Sparkle to accept Pinterest as it is, because it’s a two kind of interaction system.

The passive, which you, the website/post creator, can control and which is already achievable via Embbed codes on Sparkle, and the most important tool on Pinterest, which is the active interaction system, which depends on the user / visitor.

Having the embbed post already enables you the “Save this pin” button, but if the visitor have the plugin, he can do that whenever - it’s kind of a middle way: if the person doens’t uses Pinterest, he won’t have the plugin, so that won’t impact his decision as a whole.

An native Sparkle button linking to your Pinterest profile/URL may be way more useful, since the full passive funcionality of Pinterest is already possible in Sparkle.

(btw, Pinterest and LinkedIn profile buttons would be great)