Third party website access

I have hired a web agency to make my website SEO safe. Is there a possibility to give this agency access to make changes? If so, can someone tell me how?
Thanks a lot and happy day, Carola

@Carola, They will need access to your Sparkle project file and that means they will need Sparkle on their end to open it.

When going the third-party way I upload a copy of the project file to iCloud in a shared folder I give them access to. If you are using the latest Sparkle you will need to let them know the Password you have assigned to the project file.

All saves they do will be to the file you have shared with them.
Once they are finished you need to copy the shared file and overwrite yours with all the SEO changes that they have made for you.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your fast reply FlamingFig. One more question: Do they have to buy a sparkle license or does this work without a license?

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From what I know, if you are using Sparkle 4 Pro to build out your website then they will have to match it on the other end.

They won’t be able to use the forever Free version of Sparkle, but they could use the Sparkle 4 Pro 14 day free trail.
Maybe @duncan can say more on it?..

Hello Carola.

Another possibility would be to export the project to the local hard drive instead of publishing it. Then give this folder to the SEO agency. They can then work directly in the code with any other editor.

These modified files are then sent back to you and you can publish them with an FTP program.

Now the question is: can these new files be returned to Sparkle without any problems and without losing the changes? Unfortunately I don’t know. And is such a changed project compatible with Sparkle again?

Since Sparkle regenerates the code every time a project is published, all SEO changes are lost unless they were adopted by Sparkle during the import.

Mr. F.

I wouldn’t go down that path if you are only going to work with Sparkle.
If you were to import the site back into Sparkle, Sparkle doesn’t honour the SEO besides the page title.

Yes they would need a Sparkle license. The 14 day trial also works, but clearly they wouldn’t be able to help once the 14 days are up.

Sparkle doesn’t reimport the HTML, any change is lost next time you publish.

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Perhaps the best way to work with an agency is for them to tell you what needs to be changed. I wouldn’t expect what they suggest to not be doable in the Sparkle interface (unless it’s old practices that are not applicable anymore). You can then incorporate the changes directly into Sparkle and they’ll always be there.

In fact if you follow Sparkle’s SEO assistant recommendations you are probably already doing 99% of what needs to be done, from a technical point of view. The agency can still help from a keyword research, landing page and off page SEO point of view.


If you find a monetary gain, Increase in eyeballs etc from the SEO companies efforts, could you pass their information on to me please. Thanks

I will let you know about the results :sunglasses: But this will take some time…

@all helping hands on this topic: THANKS A LOT!

Happy Day, Carola