Ticker on a website

I am in the process of designing a website for a new client, and they want the possibility to update a “ticker” on the home page on the fly. I am unsure of the mechanism that could be use for them to do so. what tool can I use in sparkle to provide them this functionality ? thank you.

Hi @PascalDangin,

that sounds like two different features:

  1. something that attracts attention in some way
  2. something that is remotely updated

#1 can be possibly done in some way, but #2 can’t be done natively in Sparkle.

I think you need to find a service that helps with #2, and that can somehow be embedded via code embedding into the Sparkle site.

Thank you. So to be clear, a code I would paste into Sparkle that would be generated by an external source, but visible within the sparkle website. Like using the “embed” element?

Sorry yes, that’s what I implied with “embedding”, I should have clarified.