Top Bar (Menu etc.)

I have had a difficult time getting the top bar (with menu) to behave the way I would like it to behave in Sparkle.

This is the “Stick to page top” settings (I believe.)

I basically want a “Header Block” that sticks to the top of the page, however, none of the 3 options (Stack, Overlap or Last one pushes previous) seem to do what I want.

The overlap does the closest thing as the title and menu don’t disappear, however, I still see the scrolling happening behind the header block and the titles and graphics shift slightly when I scroll the body and while the menus are visible they no longer work if I’ve scrolled down the page.

I do not desire the “pushing” action to occur. I just want a static block header and text to scroll without it affecting the header at all.


If you have a single bar the three options are equivalent. They are only different when a second stick to top bar bumps up against them.

So does some pushing action occur? Can you share the project file? Perhaps privately to

Here is the problem I’m having… it because I want a “Home Page” Bar and “Section 1” Bar and “Section 2” bar. However, while I want the menus to be the same on ALL pages, no matter what section they are in, I want the Title of the Bar to be different depending on what section they are in.

It seems that Grouping the items are key in associating them with a Bar, and if I don’t group they don’t have Top Bar behavior. However, if I do group, then they either get associated with ALL pages or No set of pages. I can’t seem to get the right combination to get what I want.

Maybe another way to put it. I only want one single bar on each page. I want all pages to have the same menu, but I want different sections to have different titles.

It’s pretty frustrating, because it is straight forward to get everything right if I don’t “Group” what is going to be the “Top Bar” on each page, but then it doesn’t scroll properly… Or I can group, so things scroll properly, but then everything (title and menu) are on every page.


If I’m getting you @deckhole, then possibly this can help -

By introducing “Sections” your can introduce a varied menu for that section while the main pages enjoys their own. An example is a site I created with a landing page (its Own unique navigation) followed by the actual website which was placed in a “Section”…

If this isn’t what you are asking about sorry in wasting your time.


That wasn't what I was talking about, but you didn't waste my time!   I want the same menu over all sections and the main home page.  I don't want each section to enjoy it's own menu, I want the same menu to be on all sections, but I do not want the same exact title bar.

I want to enjoy an unique title for each section, but the menu (and title box) on that title bar to be across the entire website, so if I add a page to any section, that page gets a menu and title box on every section across the entire site including the homepage.  However, each section has it's own title bar heading and a unique graphic in the wide box.

So why not exclude the title bar in the group and keep it seperate meaning you add it in the hero section of every page allowing you to edit it per page?