Total frustration arranging blocks

I wanted emulate this double header: LINK I’m totally destroyed, I can’t! the first header it’s ok, but I can’t do the second.

This is my canvas:

On the picture:
1- My canvas arrangement
2- Red block goes over the top. :frowning:
3- I tryed to change the order in the lower layer to avoid it, there it gets out of control, even moving the light blue box that I have ordered to be fixed.
I can’t stick the light blue block named: Buy block, and that all the rest of pages (red) passing below (not above).

*If the order of creation of this light blue block, (it’s the last one), is the main problem, it’s crazy, because I can’t go back in time, and I could only start everything from 0, but I’ve already tried to do it on a blank page with no results, it’s as if I memorize the order of creation of its origin when pasting.

Please help, I will appreciate it!

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Hey J, sorry but I couldn’t understand much what do you want to do. If you want only the blue one to stick to the page top, then you must get it into a group and set it to “Stick to page top” and that’s pretty much it

edit: see if its this the behavior your want

CleanShot 2022-05-29 at 22.11.05


In Sparkle 4 the order of layout blocks in the layer panel (so essentially their depth in the page) is also their vertical order on the page. So that particular effect can’t be achieved with layout blocks, and you need to use stick to top groups, like how @primo suggests.

We have already removed this limitation, but it’s unreleased, and will need a bit more testing than the very next update, so I’d recommend using groups for that for the time being.


Thanks Duncan, I wait for this to be fixed either. I already destroyed one layout by trying to arrange the layers of the layout boxes.

This is unrelated, and a bug most likely. We have many bug fixes upcoming.


Has this update been released yet…I fear it is messing with my project also. can’t figure out how to move layers (layout blocks) z-order.

z-order of blocks is currently still not controllable independently from layer order.

ok… so if I want to do ‘stick to page’ actions… its best to use groups instead of layout blocks. Seems to be a bit more stable. layout blocks go over and under each other when they should stay still, and is not consistent.

But seems the groups are a lot more obedient.