Transitioning from Sandvox

I hear that longtime Mac-based web design app, Sandvox, may be coming to a close. I’ve used it for over a decade and would love to have a new mac-based web design app where I could import most of my work to continue my site.

Does Sparkle allow you to import like Sandvox did for iWeb many years ago?

Thank you for any insights and ideas.

Tim B.

I fear, Sparkle does not the same as you might have experienced from Sandvox. But I did come from Sandvox as well, and I can tell you, that you will have not much work to build up the same as you did with Sandvox, but much better.
So, I would like to encourage you to switch to Sparkle, you will not regrett that decission.

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Martin, thanks for the encouraging feedback about the ease of transitioning from Sandvox that you experienced.

@timben, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile: I’ve never used Sandvox but I do know you can import the pages of a Sandbox site (in fact any sort of website) into Sparkle and it will do a really accurate job of it…

I tried that one, believe me, it was much faster to rebuild the pages from scratch with sparkle. But yes, this import thingie exist :slight_smile:

I just recently transitioned from Sandvox to Sparkle. I can tell you that it has been a great experience. Sparkle is very easy to learn and use. Its functionality is way above anything Sandvox can provide - especially these days. It has helped me construct very easily what I consider to be a great website.


That was exactly my problem and I decided to try Sparkle. It gave me the opportunity to build a much new and much cleaner site fairly easily.

It went online yesterday

I can only but recommend you Sparkle App. Like, for real.

If Sparkle App was a person I would totally marry it.


… and when did your site go off-line again? (Your website is not to be found. Address?)


It seems the address he posted was not spelled correctly … I found the correct one in @MikeSunshine’s profile:

I’m moving my sites from Sandvox to Sparkle. I’ve tried the import function and didn’t care for it. Easier to start your layout in Sparkle. I’ve been dragging and dropping images from my published site, pull the text off, reformat and go. I did download several of the free “templates” to see how pages were made, spent a hour looking at the documentation. Sparkle is smartly constructed, it’s a “place elements on a grid” as opposed to Sandvox’s template approach. If you know what you want to do it’s a freeing experience when compared to Sandvox.

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