Translation anyone?

Using latest version - in English, so what is the meaning of the German words in the colour palette as shown below?

The german translation is terrible (like it might be for native English people with our English wording?-I do not hope so). I try to do as often as possible and with lots of focus to use this approach:

I mean: Hauptfarben seems to be obvious, of course but “Neutral” and “Gitter” for wireframe? I have no idea. The main issue/advantage here if you change one of the main colours/colors it changes this on the whole SITE. I guess, it is best practice to start with: What colors do I want to use, set it inside “Hauptfarben”.
What to do with Neutral and Gitter/wireframe - well let’s see, if there’s one around to shed some light into this.

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That looks like a project you got from a german user, or perhaps one of the Sparkle templates. That text is stored in the project file. It should auto-translate, but maybe something went wrong. If you start a new project it will say main/neutral/wireframe.

We had a professional german translator proofread the user interface for us. In what way is the german translation terrible? First time we hear about this, and somewhat hurtful (because we put a lot of effort in the german translation specifically). But truly very sorry if it’s not at the level of a native speaker. Please email us any difficulty in the interface or suggestion and we’ll bring it up with our translator or fix it directly.


Maybe you should ask first: Why do the three lines/sets have a name at all?

What is the meaning/purpose behind them? After that, one should think about their names and translations.

I can’t do anything with the name “Gitter” or “wireframe”.

Mr. F.

Sorry, we Germans are known to be very direct. The translation is “terrible” because for example the word “wireframe” is not really translateable without loosing its context. Although “Gitter” is kind of correct translated it does not mean anything relatable. Some english expressions should stay English and simply do not need to be translated because in the case of the word wireframe: (Google) Im Webdesign ist ein Wireframe oder ein Wireframe-Diagramm eine visuelle Darstellung der Struktur und Funktionen einer Webseite oder einer Mobile-App-Ansicht in Graustufen.

I had/have the same experience with most other software and its translations.

There was or still is a filter for images in On1, called “purchase more” or something similar and it was translated with “mehr Geld verlangen” which just sounds terrible for Germans but of course is translated correctly. So to say in this case and maybe in some others as well, it would be better to leave wireframe as wireframe and explain it in German, how to handle colors in the section wireframe.

One good solution can be seen here: … Sparkle ist eine WYSIWYG-Anwendung („What You See Is What You Get“), …
In German it should sound “was du siehst ist das, was du bekommst” oder “was du siehst, ist das, was heraus kommt” oder “was Du hier siehst, kommt hinterher genau so auf deinen Bildschirm” and so on. One great part of the English language, a small copytext can tell people much more whereas in German it is sometimes very complicated to keep it short.

There’s no better or worse – it’s just like it is and there’s a reason why English is No1 language in the world …

I didn’t want to bother any of you from sparkle but I see, I did, so, apologize and sorry and Entschuldigung for that.

And I am 100% sure that you experience the same viceversa, don’t you?

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And to add, if I hear Germans, talking English, mostly I feel ashamed – not to talk about when I listen to myself, talking English. Absolutely terrible.

From a web designers point of view…

  • Main : the main branding colours of the website (which should be 3-5)
  • Neutral : I would use these as the highlight colours like for buttons, hover states, transparencies
  • Wireframe : as it states, I would use this palette only for when I create wireframes for the client
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Now that i learned what wireframe is :bulb: , i could imagine this for the german interface:

Neutral und Akzent
Wireframe Design

Hauptfarben: like FlaminFig said
Neutral und Akzent: like FlaminFig said
Wireframe: seems to be a proper name that is used internationally

Mr. F.