Trouble with contact page

Hello all,

I have been spinning my wheels for hours and cant seam to figure out why I can’t receive any email from my contact page. I watched the video’s on how to set it up and it all looks good but when I test it and send myself an email, it goes to my thank you page after I sent it but no email shows up. Any help would be appreciated. I attached a screen grab of my site and the sittings I am using.

From Tutorial-Site:
It’s quite important to add a domain specific email address because some web hosting companies may not process mail that appears to originate from another server - such as gmail.

Link: Forms | Sparkle Documentation

Thank you saber1 for clarifying. My frustration kicked in so I completely missed that. I will give that a try.

Hi @FXGuy25, is your website correct? It looks like your mail server for your domain is set to Google, which effectively makes your mail service Google’s, with all the restrictions. So I think what’s likely is that Google isn’t allowing email originating from your web server.

I think you’ll need to use the custom SMTP server option, and enter as the SMTP server, and your info@ci... email address and password for authentication. You might also need to change something in the gmail settings, but I’m not positive about this.