Trouble with Publishing My Site

I get the following error message when I try to publish my site.

“The FTP server is not correct or blocked, please check whether the server address is correct.”

I checked with A2 Hosting and the Server is correct.

Can you please help me?


Are you able to use a third-party FTP client to upload files to your hosting space? If so, the work-around for you is to export the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files from your Sparkle-designed site to your desktop, then use the third-party FTP client app to upload those files to your host’s FTP server.

Otherwise, I would simply advise you to speak with A2 customer support to make sure you are properly configuring the Sparkle FTP settings to include the correct server address, user name, password, FTP protocol, and port number.

@jikaru, Are you using “http://” or “https://”? Some hosting platforms are now having hissy fits if you don’t have an SSL Certificate against your domain.

That server seems to be fine. We are increasingly seeing cable providers and ISPs blocking outgoing FTP connections. You could test this by using a 3G tethered connection for testing.

Thanks, everyone. I solved the problem. It was likely my modem.