Trying to get my head around making pages responsive

I like that. I wrestle with font sizes all the time. If I start with a 960, with lots of wide boxes and text at 14 which is what a client wants, I move to the 320 and end up on my knees. Then I discovered In 320 you can click off everything, and start new with a font of 20 and up, but remember to hide that text in the 960, or “for this device only”. Adjust the menu and you’re on your way. Once one gets their head around that it works well. Workflow is always personal.
I’m sure in the future Sparkle will work on the variant discussion as mentioned.


I use this technique for non-text elements, for example the menu or elements that are too big for the 320 px layout.

For text I do it differently. Styles are a great help! The text size is adjusted upwards and saved in the style. This is then only valid for this device.

You can see an example in Duncan’s Youtube video: Time slot 6:10 - 9:00
Making a page responsive

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That’s correct. Your site is not responsible and that’s why google webmaster is not optimized your site. I’ve just checked. Will you like a tutorial?