Twitter embed wrong size on mobile

Hello everyone,
I have embedded a clients twitter feed into their charity website and all looks good on the desktop and laptop breakpoints, however, when viewed on a mobile device, the text in the twitter feed is large and not very readable in the twitter window. Does anybody have a solution to making the text smaller on the mobile device. I’ve attached screen shots to showing the issue, but the website is if that helps.


the best approach here would to make these three columns into a single colum layout for the mobile. Then the twitter layout would fit better the screen and also not being squished (rather than “wrong size”). This happen because there are guidelines that Twitter follow (bootstrap ones i’d believe) which makes the text not being below a certain point (14px i’d guess) because of UX principles.

its an exaggerated example but I hope it can make sense to you. Three columns design in mobile is just not ideal.

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Thank you @primo for your quick response, I will revisit the lay out this week and make the required changes, I totally agree with you about the 3 column layout on mobile, and I have no idea why I left it at 3 columns.