Two PayPal Payments on one Page Problem

I am using the old fashioned PayPal buttons embedding code into a page.

My problem is that I have to have separate prices for the UK and Europe which means two buttons.

I place these buttons side-by-side.

For some reason only one of the buttons appears in preview, the one to the left. If I delete that button by deleting the embed box, the right-hand button appears.

Am I not suppose to use embed twice on a page?

I have looked at the “new” payment option within Sparkle but it makes little sense to me. The questions asked by PayPal are not user friendly. I experimented but never managed to find a Client ID. Never mind, I won’t be doing this much so the old way will, hopefully work fine.

Thanks for your help.

Nothing to do with the embed box, you can put many of them on one page. I suggest contacting Paypal, for me, it sounds like they don’t allow you to have two same products on one page.

I don’t think PayPal works like that?
It works with the one currency that you chose on its platform. You can place the UK price next to the button and the UK people will pay in their currency to the value of the EU$ price of the product.

It is possible to have multiple embeds in a page, just the code paypal offers is not designed for multiple use. There’s nothing Sparkle can do about it.

The code for the buttons Sparkle adds to the page does account for that, and for multiple currencies, or a mix of one time payment and subscriptions, and it also compatible with the privacy banner.

I suggest you try finding the client ID again, will be far simpler. We just talked about it here:

My thanks to all of you. It’s good to know why that problem is happening.

I’ll find out more about using the built-in payments feature. It may well be worth it once it’s finally set-up.