Two privacy policy pages?

Hello Sparkle users

Does anyone know, if it is possible to have two privacy policy pages in Sparkle?
One in German, one in English …

Sparkle generates the privacy policy page.
So I set it up in German, then duplicate that privacy policy page, translate the content into English.

That would mean, in the end there would be two banners and two sets of buttons, German and English, but on two different privacy policy pages.

I’m not sure if that would “confuse” browsers …

Or would it be better to have just one privacy policy page and both language versions on one page? German first, then English?

With one banner, text in German and in English.

And just one set of buttons, labelled in German and in English?

Searched the forum, didn’t find anything, not sure if it has been asked before.
Thanks in advance! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Shadowfax, I like your second option - reduces complexity!

Maybe on the privacy page have to big buttons - english and german, that are anchored to the appropriate content. Sounds simple! :slight_smile:

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Only a single privacy page and single banner is supported. This is a problem for multi language sites I’m afraid. Your workaround can work, but it’s not ideal, hopefully we can fix it soonish.



Thanks, Hendrik and Duncan, for the quick reply and suggestions!

Good to know, so it’s going to be a single privacy page for both languages … :+1:

The banner is simple, two languages, one “OK” button, no problems there:

Since I can only have one button each for “Deny” and “Remove” for both languages, I’m trying to make it more visual and hopefully understandable …

We’ll see … I’ll do a little bit more experimenting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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