Type of menu per device

Hi there,
is it possible in Sparkle to have 1 type of menu per device?
For example a horizontal menu for 960px devices and a hamburger menu for 320px devices?
When I change the type of menu to 320px it also changes it to 960px, not practical.

Sorry I’m not used to editing posts.

I expressed myself badly, I manage to have a different menu in 960px and 320px but what poses a problem for me is the types of texts in the menu and their background. So maybe there is a way to assign a type of text by size I thought I saw in the documentation but I can’t change that.
An idea ?

Thank you all

Hello and WELCOME!

Yes, yes and yes.

You must hide the horizontal menu on the 320 px device.
Then create your hamburger menu for the smartphone.
Then you have to hide this new menu on the wide screen device.
A bit of work to do, but it can be done.

Use the search function here in the forum. There are a couple of topics about this.

Mr. F.


Hello @Mr_Fozzie ,
Ah Ok if I understand correctly, I should not modify the 960px menu but hide it and create one for the 320px that I also hide in the 960px.
In short, 1 different menu in 320px and 960px?


Exactly. And that’s what you want.

Mr. F.

Thanks for your help @Mr_Fozzie