Uno dei siti che ho realizzato quest'anno

I created this site for a humanitarian mission that will take place next year. The most complex aspect was the realization of the animation of the camper that arrives from Rome to Hong Kong. The great possibility of Sparkle gave me the way to make logo animation in home. I also wanted to experiment with a different way of creating the navigation menu… The site is deliberately essential because it has to summarily represent the humanitarian initiative, it is used to start having relationships with possible sponsors.


very nice and clean site !

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Beautiful website, well done!

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Very good work. Clean, simple and effective.
The car animation works very well. Congratulations!

Also, it’s a very interesting project.

Bel sito. complimenti.

Grazie molte! Sono contento che ti piaccia!

Thank you, I’m very glad you like it and also the initiative for humanitarian purposes. I am very proud of the motorhome animation

Thank you, I’m very glad you like the “clarity” of the site was necessary for a certain idea of charity collection transparency

A bit late I had a look at your site. How unusual and … beautiful this site is! An inspiration in many ways!
I wish you lots of success.

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Thanks a lot BLB, I’m glad you like it.