up- and downloading website


Does anyone know how to download a sparkle website to your sparkle app ,
just like you can Upload , as download to your Site with Filezilla.

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An already generated (Published) Sparkle website that sits on the server is made up of html/CSS/javascript and a pinch of PHP. If you now import that same website back into Sparkle then it is converted back to the Sparkle App framework of boxes, wideboxes, images, text boxes, etc, etc, etc…

When you you first start a new project in Sparkle it asks if you’d like to import a website.
Also you can go to Insert / Import Page to import website pages from a website.


If I remove all sites from the Sparkle App, can I also retrieve my Sparkle Site from the Web. Or is that only possible with the Map(Directory) from my Apple laptop?

What’s the overall aim about this? I must admit, not to understand how to help here?
Do you want/need to share an existing website?

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When you save your Sparkle website to your localhost (Finder) it saves as a Sparkle document ending in “.sparkle”, not in html/CSS/javascript.

As mentioned before your Sparkle app converts your Sparkle document into a html/CSS/javascript website on your hitting the “Publish” button in Sparkle.

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