Update in App Store always pending, never finished

Yesterday’s update to 3.0.8 seems to be taking so long I wonder if it’s doing anything at all. I’ve tried signing out of App Store, restarting the Mac and clicking again on Update, but to no avail. All I get is a spinner symbol that looks like it’s 80% done. I’m running on X.14 Mojave. Anyone else got this problem?

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I didn’t see that issue. I’m running Catalina. Your Mac OS could be the problem with the pending update.

Yes, I wondered if that was the problem.

This is unfortunately Apple’s problem. I’d try logging out from the appstore, restarting your Mac, and logging back in.

Hello from Switzerland!
I have the same problem then Paddy. I also have a IMac with macOS Mojave. Since yesterday, I tried and tried and tried in App Store to update… without success. I also restart my Mac, but no chance. Shall I stay with Sparkle 3.0.7?? Is any other way to get this update, or is it only possible via App Store. I have the licence for Sparkle pro.
Many thanks for you help!

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Thanks for the reply Duncan. I get that it’s likely an Apple problem. Unfortunately, as you see, logging out and restarting doesn’t fix the problem. Neither does clearing the App Store cache.

Hi Sylvaine, greetings to you from Wales.

This problem on Apple’s side of the fence has been going on since the last update to Big Sur, about 10 odd days ago. It isn’t only with Sparkle it is with a lot of other application that I’m trying to update on my iMac with all failing. This will go on several times and then out of the blue the app will update.

So from my experience over the last 10 days it isn’t Sparkle but the Apple Store and we will have to wait for them to resolve the issue! Hopefully soon!

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The same is happening here … failing updates, not updating at all …
The App Store is a bit of a mess at the moment.
Also happening with macOS Mojave …

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Ok, I’ve found the answer that works. It’s simple: while signed into App Store and update is hanging, go to Activity Monitor (in Utilities), locate the process “appstoreagent” and force quit it by clicking on the ‘X’, top left corner. Then press update again in App Store and the process should start for real. Happy now!


Found a fix (details below). I hope it works for other users too.

Same problem here, with Mojave too. I try to restart the appstoragent process as suggested by Paddy, but not resolve the bug. The process restart, I see old updates in list but the other things not works, Can’t see new updates, nor “open” applications from app store window.

Hallo Paddy,
Many thanks, so I also could update Sparkle!
Have a nice week and stay safe in the beautiful Wales!

I tried getting 3 Affinity updates yesterday & today — same thing happens, it stalls on ‘pending’. I also tried all the usual things, then I called Apple. I was on the phone with an Apple advisor about this issue for hours today. We tried everything and it is actually a problem with the App Store. In fact it happened every time I tried to download anything from the App Store. It’s not a Mojave problem as I updated the Affinity apps a couple of weeks ago — no problem. We even re-installed Mojave and ran all the diagnostics and cleaners. Nothing wrong found on my computer or software. Something has changed with the App Store in relation to Mojave. Apple techs are collecting computer logs to see what the problem is so that it can be resolved. The advisor I was on the phone with will be calling me back on Monday March 1. Great support from him too.

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Same here, I’m on Big Sur. The way I got around the problem was to delete the app from my hard drive then re-download it! Thankfully only one app was the problem so far.


In deed, it seems to be an Apple problem. But this happens not only with the Sparkle app, but with numerous apps from the app store. The only solution so far, is the solution Scott mentioned. The app hast to be deleted and then re-installed from the app store. Up to now I was lucky, because app settings and registration data were still available after re-install. This might however not always be the case.

I upgraded to Big Sur soon after I posted my conversation with Apple on Feb 18 and the issue was resolved immediately. So I do not know if the Apple techs ever fixed the problem with the App Store and Mojave. Does anyone know if they fixed it? Sorry I haven’t posted an update about the issue sooner. I have been incredibly busy lately with art stuff.

@Sculptor, As of about 2-3 weeks ago things got better and of late it seems I’m not having any issues with app updates on the Apple Store here in Australia. So I think we have passed the storm! :)…

Some people have old macs that cannot upgrade past Mojave so that is good news for them.