Updated Sparkle just now and changing text box colour changes other elements!

Updated Sparkle just now to 3.1.2 (8538), added a new page and if I add a text box, change the font size and importantly the colour then it changes other elements on not just that one page but on all pages. This new page does not have ‘visibility on all pages’ set either. I am at a loss and now hesitate before publishing!

Anyone else had this yet? If needed I can make a short video to show this happening!

Edit: If I create the text box, enter some wording, then change colour by using the ‘edit’ button to choose a colour not shown in the set palette - it happens every time!


Did you change the color in the palette?

Sparkle ‍adopts ‍a ‍unified ‍palette ‍across ‍the ‍entire ‍website, ‍the ‍color ‍picker ‍is ‍a ‍swatch ‍of ‍colors ‍that ‍can ‍be ‍used ‍anywhere ‍a ‍color ‍is ‍needed: ‍text, ‍backgrounds, ‍fills, ‍shadows, ‍borders, ‍etc.

The ‍purpose ‍of ‍the ‍swatches ‍is ‍to ‍help ‍in ‍maintaining ‍color ‍consistency ‍across ‍elements ‍and ‍pages. ‍When ‍the ‍color ‍value ‍of ‍a ‍swatch ‍is ‍changed, ‍all ‍elements ‍using ‍the ‍color ‍in ‍all ‍pages ‍will ‍change.

Mr. F.

Thanks, having read the documentation again (and again) I’m getting a better understanding of the problem which I had never had before - maybe just luck! When I add a new text box and click inside to add text by default it has the colour properties of an element on the page which uses the swatch of my page title. Hence when I use the palette to edit the colour I need (because it’s not in the predefined sparkle palette) it changes all the elements that use it.
So is there a way of setting the default colour of the new text box which would help greatly?


The default color of a new text should be black. The default style is “Body”. Did you change this style and applied the changes, especially the color? Then all new text will look like this.

Addendum color palette: You can define each of the 21 Synchronized swatches the way you like it. Build your own palette.

Mr. F.

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You are the fount of all knowledge! I seem to recall some time ago applying the changes as you describe, this was the problem that I had set the text box default to the wrong palette swatch. Taken a little time to correct it but a little knowledge has been gained in doing so!