Updated to latest version and corruption crept in the blog summary

Updated to latest version and corruption crept into the blog index/listing page which I cannot get rid of for some reason. The RSS summary disappeared for no reason at all and placed the page in the summary instead!

Anyone else had this? - luckily I had a copy as a backup!

Sorry about that, haven’t heard about it. We’d definitely like to look into this. Can you please get in touch via email at feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll figure out the next steps.

It seems to me that if I have a project/device that is set up for 1200pixels and then make the 768 and 320 layouts not present i.e remove them so as to have a clean start in recreating them that’s when my problem occurs.
Having removed the layouts in that way I then make a customised layout for 768 and 320 using the dropdown menus under devices. On checking the blog index on the 768 layout it shows the 1st entry as the full page and not the summary (also shows an old header image from the original template) and on checking -the rss.index summary, it has disappeared altogether.
This is reproducible each time, but just to be sure I’m going to create a clean project and start again to see if I can reproduce it there just in case the project file has a form of corruption.

Can’t seem to reproduce it. There possibly is a bug, but removing devices doesn’t appear to trigger removal of the post summary.