Upgrade price confusion

Looking for clarification:

The blog post ( https://sparkleapp.com/blog/introducing-sparkle-3.html )says “For ‍existing ‍customers ‍who ‍purchased ‍before ‍2020 ‍we ‍are ‍offering ‍a ‍50% ‍discount ‍on ‍the ‍full ‍price.”, which on the site ( https://sparkleapp.com/store/ and https://sparkleapp.com/store/sparkle-store-buy-budget-sparkle-licenses.php ) is $80 for Pro, so I expected the in-app upgrade option to say $40, but it says $59.99

Not sure if thats a bug or if I’m missing something. (Usually the latter ;-). )


Sorry about the confusion and thanks for pointing out. Sparkle Pro is now $89.99, with the 30% intro/black friday pricing applied. We’ll clarify that on the site. The regular price is $119.99, so half that is $59.99. You can’t apply both discounts :slight_smile:

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

I was just wondering. If it costs me £55 to upgrade my previously purchased version (download), or £75 to buy a new version from the App Store, is there any benefit to having the App Store version?

The two versions are identical, and we keep them in feature parity, so I’d say it’s just what you prefer.

Can I install the App Store version on all of my Macs? And if I purchase the Pro version In App purchase is this shared in Family Sharing?

In App Purchases are not shared with family sharing. Also the Pro license is single user even when purchased from our website. We sell a separate Family license (not available on the appstore because it’s single users only there).

Thanks for the explanation, that’s a lot clearer. I will probably not bother with the App Store version.

First of all: Congratulations on your upgrade! This is a huge step and I appreciate all the hours you have put into the improvements and extensions. We (two people) use Sparkle a lot and often for our side hustles.

I also have a question about the upgrade:
In November 2018 I bought Sparkle Family in a Black Friday deal for about 80 euros.

Today, the app offers me an upgrade price of 109.99 euros. The buy button takes me to a Paddle page that gives a different price: 159.99 euros.
That’s 200% of what I paid 2 years ago and doesn’t feel like an upgrade discount.
Since the current price for Sparkle Family is not listed in the Sparkle Store, I have no idea what regular price you have in mind for this version and what discount you are offering for existing users.

Sorry about that, the difference is unexpected and possibly a bug in our store. Can you send your license code details to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll figure it out.

Thanks. Mail is in your inbox.