Upgrade to "Pro v.3"

I have v.2 pro license and upgraded to v.3 - but not “pro”.

The upgrade option inside the app doesn’t seem to list precisely all the features that would be unlocked with the upgrade, and I can’t find a comparison between v.3 and the pro upgrade.

Where can I find ALL the features that the pro license unlocks?

The following are the Sparkle Pro 3 features that are only available with the paid upgrade:

  • SEO assistant and health check: insights to optimize your website
  • layers view
  • option to import entire website
  • a built-in blog with automatic index generation
  • mega menus (using in page popups with button hover)
  • full screen mobile menus (using fixed position popups with animation)
  • modal banners, offers, etc (using modal popups with timer or scroll based display)
  • payment buttons (PayPal, Stripe, Snipcart, Ecwid, Gumroad, Paddle)
  • property booking (Houfy)
  • calendars (Houfy property calendar, Calendy and 10to8.com appointment booking)
  • table booking (Opentable, The Fork, Quandoo)
  • parallax effects
  • typewriter effect (via smart fields)
  • countdown effect (via smart fields)
  • counter effect (via smart fields)
  • insertion of math formulas (via smart fields)
  • extraction of photo EXIF information for standalone photos and galleries (via smart fields: exposure time, f-number, ISO speed, focal length, date/time, flash, camera model, lens model)
  • page title, date/time, code fragment (via smart fields)
  • AdSense
  • audio and video player controls and layout customization
  • Lottie animations
  • box background filters
  • automatic perceptual image optimization for jpeg and WebP images
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Cool, that’s justification to do it!!

Recommendation to make this a sticky so others get this same clear explanation.


I made the upgrade, but I also realized I don’t know what some of these features actually look like or what behavior to expect from some.

Example what does:

  • Modal banners
  • Mega Menus
  • Box background filters…

…look like on a site?

There are no video tutorials or direct-examples I can find to see how these things work and are built.

You’ll love Sparkle 3, and one of its great features (amongst many) is you’ll see the “i” contained in a circle dotted around the UI and when clicked on takes you to Duncan’s website documentation pages with the information you need to get a grasp of a particular feature.

I’m aware of the doc pages, had the app for a while. I’d like to see real-world examples of these features in-use. It’s one thing to read about something vs. seeing it in action.

@producerguyaz, You can check out my new Flamin’ Fig website (www.flaminfig.com) and you’ll see a few of the Sparkle 3 features in action…

  • popup modal on home and shop page
  • slide in lightbox navigation on all pages
  • parallax animation on the shop page

Also you’ll see some of the Sparkle 3 feature on Duncan’s Sparkle 3 website which they built out in Sparkle 3…

Yeah the documentation is a bit shallow on the new features, we do need to improve that.

Guess I’ve got of reading to do about what these features actually are. I don’t even know what “modal” is referring to, and I think I know about parallax.

I’m not a designer by trade, I just know what looks good and stays functional so I’m trying to improve both my skill-set AND my knowledge-base about the good stuff.