Upgrade to Sparkle V5 not showing

I’m not seeing the option to upgrade to Sparkle V5 under licenses. I’m a Sparkle Pro user. I’m keen to upgrade before continuing development as my site is large. Thanks for advice.

I would close Sparkle and then reopen it. It will let you know there is an update.

If you are a Pro Subscription User then everything is automatic. If not then go to the license popup and scroll down to the very end and you should see what you are looking for.

Managed to upgrade by downloading and replacing in Applications. Upgrade was not showing under licenses or when checking for updates.

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Is this the correct way for V5?
In the License window i choose

Then a purchase window with a zero balance pops up. It does not say Version 5.

When i do that, will i have Version 5 for the 14 day free trial with a new option to purchase the upgrade for the reduced fee later?

Mr. F.

It’s the 14 day trial of Sparkle 5 yes, the discount upgrade doesn’t change.