Upload all the site each time

Hello, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I have a small problem. My site is online. I add a new page with text and one picture.
I export online and Sparkle re upload all the pictures and all the pages of the site … while I have not modified anything on these pages.
As I have about 10000 pictures, it’s long and useless.
Did I miss something?

thank you. :pray:

Bonjour, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
j’ai un petit soucis. Mon site est en ligne. J’ajoute une nouvelle page avec du texte et une image.
J’exporte en ligne et Sparkle renvoie toutes les images et toutes les pages du site… alors que je n’ai rien modifié sur ces pages.
Comme j’ai environ 10000 images, c’est long et inutile.
Ai-je raté quelque chose ?

merci à vous. :pray:

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This should not happen, but can happen:

Mr. F.

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Thank you for the answer. With the old software I had never met this problem.
It’s not really serious, it’s just painful to wait until the sending of all the files ends. Not to mention the energy spent for nothing :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Merci pour la réponse. Avec l’ancien logiciel je n’avais jamais rencontré ce problème.
Ce n’est pas réellement grave, c’est juste pénible d’attendre que l’envoi de tous les fichiers se termine. Sans compter l’énergie dépensée pour rien :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Hi @Arlekin, 10000 images are very many. Is that 10000 in your project or 10000 in the images folder on your web host?

If it’s the latter case they could be an accumulation of older images that are no longer used and it might be worth deleting the server folder and republishing to get a fresh start.

Otherwise if you’re using 1x, 2x and 3x images (site settings, images section), you could cut that down to just 1x and 2x to reduce the number, and remove the webp file format (which accelerates the site a bit, but also doubles the number of images).

Hello :wink:
Spakle generates 25 versions of a single image. As there are a lot of images on the site… they are multiplied by 25… and that means that I end up with more than 11943 images in the “images” folder.
I create 4 screen sizes to make it the most suitable for the different screens I’m aiming for.

If you want to take a look at the site, it’s here: https://www.betedugevaudan.com
Only the French part has been created with Sparkle for the moment.

Bonjour :wink:
Spakle génère 25 versions d’une seule image. Comme il y a pas mal d’image sur le site… elles sont multipliées par 25… et cela fait que je me retrouve avec plus de 11943 images dans le dossiers “images”.
Je crée 4 tailles d’écran pour que ce soit le plus adapté aux différents écrans que je vise.
Si vous voulez jeter un oeil sur le site, c’est par là : https://www.betedugevaudan.com
Seule la partie française a été créée avec Sparkle pour l’instant.

Looks like you are not using 3x images, but you are using webp. You could cut the number of images in half by turning off webp.

25 is an odd number, should be number of devices times densities, times two if you have webp, so 4x2x2=16, which can be reduced to 8 if you remove webp.

This formula is correct and is true when the image is used only 1 time.

If it is used on several pages in different sizes, the number on the server explodes.

Is this perhaps the case with you?

Mr. F.

Thanks, i’ll trying that tomorrow, after works. :+1:t2:

Yes, some pictures (but not a lot) are used on 2 pages each. I’ll see tomorrow.
Thanks :wink:

If the image is identical on multiple pages, it’s just a single set of images, not multiple.

Hello Duncan.

I will continue this with a mail :wink:

Mr. F.


I preferred to follow your advice to delete the images folder and not generate webp.
Before: 11943 images
After: 6094 :grinning:

but, there are still images with more than 25 parts (see the screen)

j’ai préféré suivre votre conseil d’effacer le dossier images et ne pas générer de webp.
Avant : 11943 images
Après : 6094

mais, il reste des images avec plus de 25 parties (voir le screen)

Sorry I should have clarified, identical image and identical size. Since images are optimized for each sized they are used at, a different size implies a different set of images.

Ok ! i understood :sweat_smile:
Thank for your help. :pray:

I am having the same problem. I have a fairly large website because it includes so many images (934.5MB) and I’m thrilled with how it looks - Sparkle is brilliant. However, I made one small change (changing the text of one date - four characters total), and the upload then took 12 hours because every image in the entire website was uploaded again, even though no images had been changed. (I’m using 4.0.3, and the site had already been uploaded a few times using that version - the same thing has been happening each time since upgrading).

Please get in touch via email and we’ll look into this.

This is not a problem in general, but sometimes web host FTP server misbehave.

Just to say, I have the same thing happening. If I change one character on one page, the whole site gets re-uploaded on publishing. It never used to be like this.

I have about 15 sites which all do this. t doesn’t matter particularly on most as most are small sites, but one site with about 80 pages takes five or ten minutes to upload. This is a little inconvenient but no big deal. None of the sites has more than a dozen or two images.

It’s no big deal and I mention it simply to illustrate this might be more common than Duncan is aware.

On reflection it might have started around I changed web host three or four years ago, so could be their FTP server but I’m not sure.

And by “whole site” do you mean the web pages, or images/videos/downloads as well? The former is expected, the latter would be the problem.