Upload going wrong?

Uploaded a ‘redone in Sparkle’ site; do I need to erase all the files from the old site first? Because it’s not replacing the index.html etc - but putting them in a folder called Sparkle Upload on the server. And Sparkle gives me a red exclamation mark when it gets to the end of the upload. I’m nervous to delete as if I can’t get the upload done then the website will be offline.

@iVivid, please do the following…

  • create a folder on your host and call it “Old Website”
  • place (shift click on files and then drag and drop) your old website into the created folder

The reason - This will allow Sparkle to upload your website as Sparkle doesn’t overwrite any previous website you have on your hosting server. Also for now you will have an entire backup of the previous site just in case.

  • Now go back into Sparkle and make sure you are publishing to your root folder - “public_html
  • And then rePublish

Sparkle will upload you Sparkle site in its entirety and within seconds of your upload your new website should be visible…

A side note: Make sure all the pages you want Published is set to Publish, and is not ticked "Exclude From Publishing"

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Nope, now it won’t publish at all… the files were getting into the right place before; now it just gives me a red warning and says to check my settings; which have not been changed.

OK; I tried the old trick. Quit Sparkle, relaunch, hit publish. It worked :woman_shrugging: :grinning:

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@iVivid, ha ha… that was what I was going to suggest next! :slight_smile:

Well done. Glad it is working for you.

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