Upload only of pages changed since the last upload

I’m coming from “Sandvox” from “Karelia Software” and since days I’m becoming more and more familiar with Sparkle. Great app! There’s one thing I’m missing: uploads only of pages that were changed since the last update.

This would decrease the amount of data to be uploaded and reduce the time for it. That’s not important when uploading at home with a fast internet connection, but when you have a very slow internet, it would. This option should be really an option only to a full upload, because there might be reasons to poerform a full one.

I don’t know precisely, how the upload is working in Sparkle. I noticed when uploading that below the progress bar not only “uploading” is mentioned but sometimes “moving” (both translated from a version of Sparkle running in German). So, maybe something clever is already integrated. But it would be nice to know the algorithm exactly.

Greetings from Germany!

Hello Olaf :blush:

This is something that is often requested. I invite you to read this post from Duncan to see more clearly: Quickest way of correcting just one detail - #2 by duncan

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Allan, I did and now it’s much clearer… Thanks!

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Thanks @Allan and yes that’s the gist of it. Sparkle is constantly changing so some aspects of that are improved since 2020 and further improving in Sparkle 5. We do hope to improve even further and eventually manage to only generate the code of pages that actually have a change, that’s the bulk of the publishing time, but for now the goal of site performance and correctness comes ahead of improved publishing times.