Upload question

Where do Igo from here with this dialog box?

I am uploading a new Sparkle site to Godaddy that has an existing Freeway site.

Hi @thebaus, so a couple problems with that.

What is going on on that screenshot is somewhat different from what basically every other website builder or FTP app does.

Instead of blindly uploading to the server folder you pick, Sparkle is attempting to figure out which folder is the right one for your domain name.

It does this by uploading a small “probe” file on the FTP side of the server, then looks on the http (web) side of the server. There is unfortunately no automatic setup of that, there are only loose conventions on how a web server is configured.

So the first problem with your screenshot is you have not entered a domain name, and since most web hosting has multiple domains on a single IP address, that has no chance of working.

The second issue is the folder you are logged into is completely empty, which is unlikely even for a new domain, not impossible mind you, but there generally is an index.html file, if not the full set of files from the existing website. What has happened in this case is you are using an FTP user that has no access to the full website tree, and so it will be unable to publish to your existing site even if you are using the right domain name as your web address.

Happy to continue here or in private at feedback@sparkleapp.com

Thank you, Duncan. I will follow up with an email.