Upload Sparkle file to own server for client to view


Looking for some help please; I want to upload a clients site that I’m building in Sparkle onto my server so they can view and approve.

I have exported to disk from Sparkle and have uploaded to my server via FileZilla but I don’t seem to see the site/page.

I may be missing a simple process but what is the best way to do this please?

Many thanks

Hi @StratBluesLC, you say “I don’t seem to see the site/page”, at what address are you looking? Are you uploading to the server folder corresponding to that address?

@StratBluesLC, Have you made sure your first page has been assigned to the Home Page in the right hand panel?

With my clients I put up a “dev” folder on their hosting server and then add the Sparkle website under construction there for them to view using Sparkle’s Publish. When all is done and approved I remove the “dev” folder and then get Sparkle to upload to the root of their hosting server via Publish! :slight_smile:

[On A Sidenote : You might want to check your business’s website images - most of them are missing.]

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Hi @duncan, the address I put into the site setting was my website address, I then exported to disk and uploaded the files.

When I put the address smudgeworx.co.uk/clientfolder in I got an error message saying that the page couldn’t be found.

What I have done as a work around is create the holding page as a page in my site, excluding it from site search and menus etc then give the link to the client but when I do the complete site it’s not going to be the best option.

What I’m trying to achieve is to use my server (domain) as a way to upload a clients site so they can view it online/approve, the pages are not available to view only via the specific link which I give them.

Once approved I can then delete the files of the server and repeat the process when I get another client.

Hope that makes sense and appreciate your guidance.

Many thanks

The easiest way to do this is to publish to disk first (as I believe you have done). Make sure the folder name where you published is web compliant - preferably all lower case and no spaces. Here is an illustration of such folder on my desktop:

Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 02.47.17

and here is a partial screenshot of the folder contents:

Note that it has an index.html file - this is important!

Next, connect to your hosting server with your preferred FTP software (I use Cyberduck). Make sure you can see the public_htm folder in the directory structure.

It may be that your FTP connection is configured to upload to your public_htm folder directly. If that is the case, you will see a file and folder structure similar to this:

This is essentially all the files and folders associated with your main site, So you can upload directly to this directory,

Upload the whole folder from your computer to your server - ensuring that you don’t inadvertently upload to a folder WITHIN the structure. It should appear as a folder on its own in the listing. Here is an example of how my folder appears in the directory listing:

Now, all your client has to do is enter the full URL of your domain adding the folder name at the end. e.g. https://yoursite.com/gfholding. Because the folder has an index html page inside it, that page will open by default. When your client has done with reviewing you site, you can go back to your FTP application and delete the folder from your server.


@francbrowne Thanks for that; I will give that a go :pray:

@greenskin Thanks for the advice :pray:

This is not a Sparkle issue, but what you are probably missing is what a web address corresponds to on the server filesystem.

In this case you’re looking for the smudgeworx.co.uk top level folder, and in there need to create a folder named “clientfolder”, then upload the files there.

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@duncan thanks all sorted now :+1:

Check with your website provider to point the URL to the respective folder