Uploading Files With Transmit

My post about website pages not loading properly after uploading files. I have been testing to see what is going on.

When I needed to make a change to one html page in a folder, I used Transmit to upload to GoDaddy in my public_html folder. When I do this the page when viewing on Safari or Firefox is completely different with the problems mentioned in my other question. Again, I empty the cache files, check preferences for any conflicts in the two browsers, and restarted the computer.

I am finding that I have to upload all of my 40 folders each time I make a change to one html file in a folder. I upload the css and js folders thinking that this may be the problem. So after many tests, I am finding that if I change one html file, that I cannot upload just that one html file or complete folder, I have to upload all 40 folders and then the web pages will load back in the right way as I see in the preview mode.

How do I upload just one file that I have worked on via Transmit, without the home page, and others being effected and changing the whole design?



If I’m reading you right you are exporting your Sparkle file as html/CSS/javascript via Transit to your hosting server but making changes via Transit and uploading that as well? Sparkle is a complete package and making changes to it via another editor outside of it is going to present you problems plus any changes you make that isn’t in the original Sparkle file will be overridden when re-uploading via FTP.

I would recommend any CSS additions you make to your website needs to be imbedded via Sparkle with the “Embedded” tool…

No, that is not what I am doing. I saved my Sparkle file to my disk, rather than using your FTP to publish to Go Daddy. I have my files in folders and use the FTP called Transmit, not Transit. I am not doing any editing with any other programs, only Sparkle.

So when I log into my FTP called Transmit, I will select all of my folders and the image folder and upload it to the server. With other web design programs I have always used Transmit, and when I have a new page that needs updating or a new folder I will select it and upload via Transmit.

When I first tried to upload the Sparkle file, I selected the Sparkle icon in my home folder but that did not upload to Go Daddy, so I selected the folders that were saved on my disk which includes the folders created by Sparkle called css and js.

I am only asking why when I upload a new folder or a change created with Sparkle that when it gets displayed on Safari or Firefox it is all messed up and not in the same format or design that I created. I have to upload all of my 40 folders each time that I want to make a change otherwise it creates my home page and other pages to not display the right way.



@daisymay Yep got you that time! I had the same learning curve using Forklift. I came to realise that if I upload (via FTP) any page changes that I had to include the folders (css and js) and if I made image(s) change(s) then I needed to include the image folder…

Is there any particular reason for using export to disk and Transmit? Sparkle can easily publish straight to GoDaddy and it will always do the right thing.

Due to caching considerations, Sparkle always updates all html, css and js files when you publish or export. It will not publish other files (images, assets, etc) which are the bulk of the upload. This is intentional and is designed to play with the complex caching infrastructure on the web, and even with mis-configured caches most of the time.

If you want to publish only changed files but not use Sparkle’s built-in publishing, you can still publish only changed files by using the synchronization functionality that many FTP apps have, including Transmit.

I’m not really sure why you would go through the pain when you can just use Sparkle’s built-in publishing though.


That was my experience too when uploading using Fetch instead of the Sparkle publishing mechanism. This was when I was having stalled upload issues using Sparkle to publish. But these days Sparkle has really nailed the publishing aspect; shows what it is doing and is fast, and when there are errors simply republishing usually works. All the benefit goes to publishing via Sparkle, publishing via a third party FTP from the Export to Disk folder, especially a large site, is simply asking for problems and more work.

@gsstamas Yep, I’m going to totally agree with your take here! Nowadays publishing via Sparkle is really great! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments.

Duncan, It is me Nancy (Daisymay) you answered many questions for me about three weeks ago when I first started to use Sparkle that was before your community chat started that I have joined.

You said to me if I wanted to see the files created in my folders to export to disk, and that is what I have been doing. I like the fact that I can do this. Now that my web site is updated I just set up publish via Sparkle, and my web site loaded in great, no problems.

Reading the comments from others, it sounds like each time I update a file, then I need to go to the folders for css, js, and images to upload them as well for that file, or just select Sparkle to upload what is needed.

Question I had that was not answered.

Can I use the “revert to” another version to copy “a page that I added and was working on,” to add it back to a current version? I don’t want to revert to the whole web site, just only one page, can that be done?

Can I change the color of the squiggle in the text box, mine shows blue not black, yet when I open a new Sparkle document (file) it shows the text box squiggle is black.

Also, when I copy text from another page sometimes it will be in the text box as white, no color, I can see the text and the color button is white not black, it is like it is selecting the background color which is white for the page but not allowing the text to show black, just another thing that I am trying to figure out.

Thanks again for all of your help.


Best to simply republish after any update to your files, Sparkle keeps track of the changes and publishes accordingly. The work is done for you.
What I do is when I feel comfortable with changes, I do an explicit “save” so I can revert back to it if needed. You can actually revert to a number of previous versions with MacOS. I also make a duplicate of the existing Sparkle file when I start messing with stuff. Belt and suspenders. Use Time Machine too if you can. Duncan will correct me if I am steering you wrong :grinning:
Also, definitely take advantage of the excellent documentation for Sparkle HERE plus the videos Duncan creates.

The “Revert to” command in the File menu applies to the whole document file, so to the whole website. You can’t cherry pick pages to revert. You can however recover an older version of the file and copy/paste individual page content. This is most likely best done via the Finder time machine interface though, where you can save the older version of the file as a copy.

Sparkle looks for a black in your palette, it goes to the nearest if you don’t have a black. You can make one of the color wells in the neutral section black, and squiggles will be black again.

It is not white in the original you copy from? Color should be preserved.