Uploading / Publishing - clean new setup

I have a couple of questions about uploading or publishing pages.

I forgot to assign a page to a folder. After moving and publishing, the old page was still in the main directory. Doesn’t Sparkle automatically delete this? I checked that with FileZille.

What should I do if I want to re-upload all files after removing everything with FileZilla (clean fresh re-install)?

And finally: are webp files really necessary for images? The images then take up twice as much space on the server.

Thanks - Mr. F.

Hey Mr. F!

If the directory folder is different, i believe Sparkle just send the files as new - it mostly overwrites same files in the directory. You can delete some files via FileZilla and re-send everything - but i would suggest to take a look on the files before deleting everything, or even compare with the new files on the folder you’ve misplaced.

For the .webp files: they are generally smaller than the other bitmap formats, they load relatively faster and it’s becoming the new default for web images :slight_smile:


I think Sparkle used to delete the previous/renamed html file, but might have regressed. Will have to check.

If you delete everything, Sparkle will republish everything.

You can turn off webp images in the image settings if you want. Your pagespeed scores will suffer. It’s comparable to jpeg in most cases, except with photographic pngs where webp is massively better (it’s like jpeg with transparency support).

If size on your web host is an issue, sure turn it off. Site visitors only download one or the other, never both.

Hello. I think i “helped” this with a mistake by my own. I had a typo either in a folder name or filename and after upload and renaming sparkle could not remember the original name and location :grimacing:

That brings me to this: it could help if sparkle would remember the folders that have been created in the project and list these in a drop down field, near a new button “make new folder”.

Mr. F.

Sorry I don’t understand. What folder? Where?


The text “southcarolina” should be in a drop down menu to select it. And you should see “add new folder”.

When adding a page to this folder, you have to write the name of the folder, what could end in a typo.
All folders should be listed in this drop down thing.

Mr. F.