Upper left corner logo

Hi =)

I’m new to sparkle, how can i put my logo on the upper left corner? or on any corner of my website?

Thanks for your help !

Do you mean this?

Sorry, maybe I explain me wrong, I mean can I put my logo closer to the edge?

Hi @Argus, Sparkle can’t currently do that. You can use multiple layouts to reduce that margin, not what you’re asking for but it might help.

Thanks Duncan ! :blush:

It’s not clear if you want it outside of the margin or to the edge of the margin. You can’t get it to where you have put the arrow, but you can make it to align with the edge of the margin by choosing the image to Fill. If that doesn’t work, means you have to crop your image to only the image in an image editing program, as you have empty space around the image that is part of the image.

Hope that is clear.

You can with using full wide box


The problem is, if I do that I can’t actually click on the “discount” it self to go to another page.

Anyway , thanks a lot for the suggestion!!

Then you can do it by embedding a tiny css code.

Refresh my page… https://selcukyilmaz.com/sparkle/discount

That is really what I wanted! I’m doing my first steps learning css now, can you show me how can I do that on sparkle?