URGENT! 😱 Sparkle Project can not be saved! HELP PLEASE!

I‘ve been working on a big sparkle project for the last week and as I was just about to make final changes to go publish, now I can not save!!! It says literally „project can’t be saved“ …

I saved every couple minutes the last week as I was working on it, it was all fine, and today this! :scream:

I tried duplicating the project and then save that- sane message. I tried drag and drop in a new empty project file with all the pages and then saving- same message.
Is there somebody who experienced that before and has a solution? :grimacing:

Somebody please help!! Its urgent, my client wanted me to publish today :weary:

Sorry to hear that @Dooria79. I’ve never come across it but it might be best you get hold of @duncan who might know how to help you out. Please contact Duncan at feedback@sparkleapp.com

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As discussed over email, this is likely a local issue with the Mac, not something under Sparkle’s control.

yes, thank u @duncan :+1::+1:
I tried deleting the post, isn’t working :scream::joy::woman_shrugging:

Have tried saving to a different location on your hard drive or an external HD?