Use scroll location (anchor point) to navigate in browser

I would like to provide my customer a link that will navigate him directly to a scroll location (anchor point). Is this possible? What would be the format to use? Thanks, Hans

Hi Hans.

Yes. And is very easy. Just add #nameofthescrolllocation behind the link.
Provided the page you link to has this anchor point.

Mr. F.

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Thanks Mr. F, I’ve defined a scroll location with the name Prijsindicatie on the page when I put in it scrolls to the top of the page and not to the scroll location. When you click on the Money picture it will go to the Scroll location? What do I need to do? MfG Hans

the links are case sensitive.
Use this link and it will work:


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Thanks Michael, super that works!

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In short, names of anchor points have to be lowercase. That caught me out at first, too.

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And don’t forget that the anchor point name is SEO searchable so an appropriate name is advisable. So for example instead of saying β€œbuynow” I would recommend β€œbuy-now-our-green-concert-pass”.