Usefull additions?

I am using the new Sparkle for a week now and my (test) website is really growing ( But there are two things which I miss very much at the moment. One is “Tooltips” and the other one is “Footnotes”.
I can imagine these can be created within the Sparkle engine. Al you need (I am a very simple thinker) is a link for the tooltip, which is a special kind of text-block which automatically links to the link you create in the text.
And for the footnotes can be a two step operation, where you first create the footnote-marker in the text and then creates a footnote-field on the same page which contains al the footnotes on that page. If you do the something like the search page (for example) you even can created a whole page which contains all the footnotes on the website. In this case one can chose the amount of footnotes on one page, with the same kind of pagination one use on the searchpage.
I pressume my English is not so good, but perhaps you understand my thoughts anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions @Jurrien.