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Hi everybody,

I have an issue with password protection, more exactly with the username “gremium”:

On a PC this username and it’s password works fine as it should be. When I use my smartphone or tablet (both IOS devices) to show the webpage and I want to join the protected member area, the username and it’s password is not accepted. The preferences for both the PC and Smartphone (portrait mode) are exactly the same. I also changed the password to simple ones like “12345678”, etc., but it’s the same issue.
When I change the username to “gremium1”: Tadaa!, it works fine.
Maybe there is somewhere an internal issue in Sparkle? Or did I miss something?

Best regards, Stephan

Is iOS trying to “correct” gremium to premium?

No, there was no autocorrection (no visible autocorrection, I should say: The username “gremium” was unchanged until I typed in the password and clicked on “Login”. Then both fields for username and password cleared and waited for the next input.
And yes, I checked the destination site for the login, it is correct (no loop).

When I login using my Macbook with the PC-version of the website, everything works fine.

I have no idea what happened.

Do you know if there is a chance that Sparkle can show if the username or the password is incorrect?


As far as i know, sparkle does not show what is incorrect. I made the from sparkle generated login page the error oopsie page with my own text “Something went wrong”. For the login i use a popup.

Now that your confusion is complete, try what you you wrote in the PM.

Mr. F.

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