User-font not loading when opening Sparkle file

Hello! I’m a new user to Sparkle and it is amazing!

The one thing I’m having minor issues with: I loaded a web-font into my Font Book, Silka, and loaded the font into the Sparkle font panel. I was able to use the font successfully for awhile, but now when I launch Sparkle and open my site, most of my type blocks revert to Lato Light font. My font (Silka) still shows in the font panel, and I can manually change it back, but it happens every time I re-open my file.

Anybody know why my font keeps changing? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

If that’s the system font book, it’s still system font as far as sparkle is concerned. You need to install it as a custom web font in Sparkle’s font panel.

Thank you for the reply, Duncan! Yes I installed the font within Sparkle, in the font panel. It was working great for a few weeks, but for some reason now when I reopen the file, it always wants to default to another font.

I’m going to try to remove/reinstall the font in Sparkle again.