Using 2 computers

We use Sparkle on our 2 MacBooks. My wive and I share the Sparkle website file with iCloud. The website is made on Macbook1. And also published from that machine.
Opening the Sparkle file on MAcbook2 gives me the website but not the publish data. How can I sync that so I can publih from that machine?


Hi @rsoen, we designed Sparkle to be able to deal with that scenario.

First, it would work automatically if both Macs were your own, and had iCloud Keychain enabled: the publish settings are stored in the keychain and syncing would make them appear on the other Mac automatically.

Now since you have different owners and different iCloud accounts, you need to do the following:

  • set up publishing on the first Mac
  • move the file to the second Mac
  • the publish settings are there but invisible on the second Mac
  • add the publish settings on the second Mac
  • move the file back to the first Mac

Now both publish settings are on both, but each Sparkle shows only its own publish settings. Moving the file back and forth is safe because both settings are referenced in the project file, and each Sparkle finds its own.


Thanks, it works!