Using BIOENERGIE template, I have a png issue

I replaced the Social Media Button picts with some PNG downloaded ones.
These are background delete picts.

Black on Clear.

When they preview they have a white background that appears circular edge and
white fill behind that which should be clear.

@jfmusic, Check if Sparkle hasn’t converted them to jpg…

Can you send a screenshot of the style inspector for that image?

Sorry I should have been more specific. The filename there, the text field under the “Bitmap” selection, has a file extension, which is cut off there.

If it’s not png or jpg, Sparkle defaults to jpg, which renders opaque like in your original screenshot. That’s not the default.

Try setting the extension to jpg, it should fix it.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 5.09.35 PM

Thanks, Now that I see they are .jpg
I’m confused… they show as black see through As you can see in the first original attachment (Background delete within the Sparkle app)
Which I would have hoped published as displayed.
Don’t they need to be .png to actually be background delete?

Thanks really appreciate the handholding.

.png’s fixed it thanks,
user error again.