Using Import page, how does that affect the security of my site

Is it better to use only Sparkle Generated code?

Or is it ok to bring my site forward and continue on the rework?


@jfmusic, Sparkle works as a stand alone platform and when you are ready to upload your created website to your hosting server it then generates website code.

If you import your old site then Sparkle will adapt it and from there you can continue working on it until you are ready to upload it to your hosting server.

What @greenskin said. Just to clarify, when Sparkle imports an existing page, it doesn’t actually use the code directly, it turns it into native Sparkle elements. So at that point it’s just like any other Sparkle site.

I’m not sure in what way security would be affected. What security aspect? What’s the risk?

You answer, ends my inquiry, I was clarifying how the import was used. If it recodes… then that was all I needed to know.
There was mention in previous threads of Security issues based upon Godaddy , Wix etc. as opposed to Sparkle structure.

Thank you