Using Sparkle with R/shiny

I love Sparkle and I am wondering whether any Sparkle web designers have experience using it with the R/shiny website building system. Let me explain.

I do statistical programming in the R language. Some of my R programs are made into dynamic web applications using the R/shiny language. An example of my work is here: . The shiny language has very limited built-in tools for customizing the user interface, but it does have ways to embed HTML and JavaScript code within the shiny code, to make a better user interface. Some people have used these embedding methods to make great looking websites, as shown in this gallery: Shiny - Gallery . That’s great, but my personal knowledge and experience with HTML and JavaScript programming are quite limited. It would be wonderful if I could design user interfaces with Sparkle and somehow connect them to my R/shiny code, so I could avoid getting caught up in detailed HTML/JavaScript coding.

This might not be feasible or even sensible. I just don’t know. But I thought it would be worthwhile to check here whether anyone is aware of people using Sparkle and R/shiny together.