V3 Pre-Order Sales?

Are there any plans for V3 pre-launch sales, “pre-order at a discount”? Those of us who are hooked on the app would most likely jump at the opportunity.

At least a mouthwatering screenshot of V3 would be highly appreciated…

And ruin the surprise???


That’s soo true! But regarding V3 my feelings are like those of a kid before christmas. Isn’t there really a tiny hint that could ease my tensions?

I reckon it will be bold, beautiful, and full of all the little good things we all would love to see, with sparkles galore!!! :slight_smile:

So is that a yes or no to pre-launch sales?

@producerguyaz The Sparkle team has never done something like a pre-launch sale. So I don’t think so. But hey, only they know.

I open the sparkle website about 5,000 times a day to see if SPARKLE 3.0 is available. A little more and the F5 key to refresh the browser will wear off. :slight_smile:


@GRAFKOM, I hope you are getting your work done in-between! :slight_smile:

@duncan your jokes are wonderful. You are a great!

Hi Duncan:

Could you give us an approximate release date for version 3?

We are impatient!!!

Can responsive websites be made easier?

Thank you.

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I don’t think you call it a pre launch sale as such. If you upgraded to Sparkle Pro after Jan 2020 you’ll receive Sparkle 3. That was good enough for me.

Sparkle 3 will be released shortly after the newest IOS called Big Sur. I’d look for Sparkle 3 release a couple of weeks after that. I’m thinking mid to the end of October. You can check Duncan’s announcement on this in a special thread in this forum.
Here … Sparkle 3 slip (and release date).