V4 upgrade deleted server settings

Just upgraded and made a quick site update but the ftp settings have gone. I re-input them but am getting an error “the selected folder is not published to…”

Same here for one of my sites, but no problem entering the data again.

The lost FTP settings was a problem in Sparkle 3, which Sparkle 4 fixes by moving them to the project file (with a password), reading them one last time from the Sparkle 3 format. The bug we strongly suspect is some macOS keychain issue, but we never were able to solve it, even after discussing it with Apple.

On the bright side this means it should be the last time you lose them.

About the FTP setup error, it’s hard to diagnose without further information. Happy to help, maybe best to take it offline if you send us a screenshot of where Sparkle gets stuck to feedback@sparkleapp.com


Same issue for me. Will join the threads here to save @duncan some work hopefully (And Don't Forget)

Quickly and efficiently sorted by Duncan on email. Just needed to shorten the URL path that Sparkle defaulted to a little.
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