Variable fonts in Sparkle

Are (or will be) variable fonts deployable in Sparkle?

@sfbdesign, Curious… What do you mean by variable fonts?..

I found this on fontsmith’s website:
It’s amazing and in my opinion it will be the future of web typography. By now there are also variable fonts at google-fonts.

Not supported currently. Their advantage is questionable as the variable weight web font file is huge, and you’re not going to use 15 different weights anyway.

We’ll see how things evolve.

Mmmm, interesting! Not sure what to make of it for now, but I’m wondering how it would work with adaptive design…

As far as I understood a variable font will have a smaller file size and faster rendering times because of only one file that can display different font styles (light, medium, bold, etc.) instead of downloading separat files for each font style.

Yep got that! What I mean is that Sparkle has fixed elements on the page so in case of a text container with font varying within it it might spill beyond the text container height making the spilled over text invisible in the browser?

So this Variable Fonts would be more suited to responsive design elements (aka varying height and width text container) on the web page as opposed to fixed design elements on the web page.

Here are two very informative links about variable fonts on the web: