Video Background Alignment Issue after Upgrade to 5.0

Hi Folks,

I’ve run into a persistent issue after upgrading to 5.0. Hoping you could help.

My site doesn’t show up in the browser as intended! Video background is no longer staying centered across different devices after the upgrade.

I’m wondering if I am missing something in the page background settings, or if it’s a bug in the upgrade. I haven’t changed any of my settings from the previous version.

The video background on the HOME page is behaving unexpectedly after the latest update.

The issue has to do with the alignment of the video. In previous versions (up until this most recent update) the video page background has automatically defaulted to a center alignment, meaning the video is always centered regardless of the “device” (i.e. desktop, tablet, phone, etc.). After the latest update, the alignment of the video page background seems to have changed, appearing to default to a left-hand/left-margin alignment. The issue is most pronounced when you look at the mobile version, although it is also present when you look at the other “devices.”

Attached are screenshots of how it has appeared in the past on a mobile device versus how it appears now. Also included is a screenshot of the full view of the video (as it appears on the desktop) for reference. I’ve also attached a DropBox link containing the first five seconds of the video background in three different views to further illustrate the issue. I hope this helps.

The DropBox link to the clips that correspond to the screenshots below, showing just the first five seconds of the video page background:

Screenshot A. The full view

Screenshot B. How it’s supposed to look on a mobile device (center alignment). This is how it has always looked prior to the latest update (version 5.0 and 5.0.1).

Screenshot C. How it looks now (left-side alignment) after the latest update.

Again, the issue first occurred after upgrading to Version 5.0. It persisted through Version 5.0.1. I thought maybe Version 5.0.2 would resolve it, but sadly it didn’t.

Running macOS Ventura 13.4.

Thank you in advance for any help.



Hey @sinoevil, sorry about that, still have this on our backlog after your email, will get around to fixing it. Sorry again.

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Hi sinoevil, I tried to replicate your problem but it did not occur.

I used video (mp4) in full page width and it works fine on iPhone as well, please have a look: Page 19

Mac mini M1, Monterey, Sparkle 5.0.2. (20560)

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Thank you for taking the time! I’m going to give it a try. Maybe just reload the page background element. Thanks again!

No worries, Duncan! I imagine this is an especially busy time for you with the fresh release of v 5. This is not an urgent problem. I just like working on a puzzle until it is solved. I appreciate your always prompt help! You and your team’s consistent professionalism is why I’ve enjoyed the Sparkle platform for many years now. Thank you!