Video background

In I implemented a 45 MB video background. At first it worked. It still does in preview. But now on the site doesn’t work anymore. What to do?

Works on my end on Safari. It just takes a little bit to load.

@Pieter Tested on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It works on all three :slight_smile:


Dear Gues2000 and RimRiam,Thx for looking at the problem!
In the meanwhile I had already solved it, thx to Duncan, who wrote:

‘Can you check in the Sparkle setting if the video is still there? Sometimes files that aren’t stored inside the project file get lost, and need to be re-connected manually. Sparkle should probably warn about that happening.’

I wouldn’t know in which settings I could check if the video’s are still in, but I reloaded the video in 145MB resolution et voilà!
I don’t know what happened to another video, I downloaded from Youtube. It wouldn’t play, so I put the Youtube link instead.

Cheers, Pieter

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