Video differences

Has this bug been fixed? I am having this issue. Video uploaded from Photo Booth will play in Safari but not Chrome. In the future I will be uploading videos from Zoom. Hoping this issue will be resolved by then.

Hi I have moved this to a new thread (this problem is unrelated).

Can you show a published page with a video that works in one browser and not another?

Thank you, Duncan. I actually had not published the website yet. It was in the Chrome browser of the Preview setting that it was having an issue. I just published it and it’s working fine in both Safari and Chrome. No further issues! : )

While you can technically drop-in a video file from any source on your Mac, if you want to be absolutely sure it’s browser compatible across the board you need to have Handbrake convert it (and compress it to a smaller size) so that it has the proper back-end code so browsers can easily identify and play it.

Thank you for the information.