Video doesn't play on uploaded site

I have a video on my homepage and it plays in Preview but not when uploaded to the site on Chrome.
Also, I have it set to Full Page Width but when it DOES play on my client’s end (?), the video looks too big so it’s off-center. URL:

Browsers are forced to download the whole file. To solve that you can use and check the “Web optimized” checkbox, that will add information to the top of the generated mp4. You might also want to reduce the video resolution or bitrate to make it a bit smaller.

Thank you, Duncan. That fixed it! :slight_smile:

Just tried to view your website and it was not there via the link you provided.

UPDATE: Your URL had an extra R in it. The site worked (sprang into action?) :grin: when I edited the URL.

Another question about your video. Is it hosted on YouTube or Vimeo? Doing so will help save you a lot of bandwidth.
I prefer Vimeo because it allows me to end with black, rather than continue on with other unrelated videos.
I pay $80 a year but feel that it’s well worth it.
You can get a free account but with much less space.

Sorry - I got carried away with the “R” key - thanks for persevering. The video is intended only to be a background element - not to be watched in its entirety. I wonder if I would still have to host it somewhere for better performance. Otherwise, yes I would upload it to YouTube. Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep Vimeo in mind!

UPDATE: The proper URL: