Video from CDN server not working in video component

Hi, I tried to debug this but cannot find a solution. I check the forum and documentation. I am working on a site that will have a fair number of videos and streams. The client wants the video’s to come off the CDN service, which is good for the web server on my end. For my test, I put a simple page with a video player with Video from a Network Location. In the URL I put in the src link. Uploaded the page and got no video, got spinning in sparkle. Since I could not see the underlying code on the page. I pull the page manually and check the syntax and found an error. When I pasted the URL source in sparkle, the video player adds an ", which cause a error ( we don’t see this in sparkle ), so I removed the extra quote, the page ran with no errors in my coding app. I uploaded the updated page and got the same result, no video.

I checked the forum and seen a post about the htaccess file and permissions. I check the server and there is no hta file to adjust. So to test this I put up a simple html page with an iframe using the same src link. The simple page works. This eliminates the hta access issue.

So my question is, what do I need to adjust so the video player works with the CDN link. There must be something in the sparkle page causing this.

The test iframe page that works is at:

The SRC is:

In my iframe page, I only used used:

The sparkle page that does not work is:

My next option would be to manually look through the sparkle page and adjust the page, but don’t really want to do this, there is a lot of code in the sparkle pages.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, the code or Iframe links didn’t post. I can send if needed.

@dpong, A couple of things I can point out is…

  • you don’t have an SSL Certificate against your server
  • even your “” URL is forbidden so that would be causing the video issue

Thanks for you input, but SSL is not the issue, you can bypass the browser warning on SSL issues if needed in the future for any site giving you that issue if needed. At one point in the internet, all sites did no have SSL.

I have it on live site with SSL and video does not work. I set this test up quickly and forgot the SSL. I have enabled the SSL , so the the links are:


Hi Dave,

Any change you make in Sparkle’s code manually (outside of Sparkle) will be overwritten upon the next publish of the Sparkle site.

Did you test selecting “Browser Built-in” under “Player Controls”?

I think I tested every option in the player. I am aware of the overwriting issue on the page update, this is why I am looking for a solution directly in sparkle. I ran into that overwrite issue when putting a javascript bot into one of the sites. I was able to solve using the developer add on.

There is something in the video player setup that causes an issue with external CDN service. I created an embed object and put the iframe for the video into the embedded object in a pop up and that worked. The only issue I am looking at is adding in the controls, like the video player. Another issue with is is when you close the pop up, the video is still playing in the background. This would be annoying for a user, as most users would just close the pop up expecting the player to stop. I’ll post an up date if I find an solution.

Have you contacted the client’s CDN for a HTML 5 video player? All good CDN’s offer a customizable, embeddable player.

You entered this as the video URL:

<src="//" title="0" byline="0" portrait="0" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay">

Whereas you just need to use the URL part:

Also to work the CDN will have to have the relevant CORS configuration for your domain.

Thanks Duncan, I actually tired that setup, but go the incompatible file format error. How do I specify the mp4 format?

The video player works essentially only with mp4, so the problem must be something different. Please publish the test page with that and we’ll take a look.

the error comes up with I insert the link in the video component.

The test page is here:


Ok. This time it’s a CORS issue. The server needs to expressly authorize your domain to load the video from their server, it’s likely to be a configuration on their service or you can ask them.

Thanks Duncan, I will inquiry and see if they can adjust. So further to this, when I put the reference in a direct embed object, the video plays, what is the difference between the 2. I updated my test page with a embed objects so you can see.

You know I think I got it wrong. The URL can’t be both an iframe and a video stream, I thought the address was an mp4 via the CDN but it looks like it isn’t.

So what you need to ask them is to provide the link to the mp4 (and CORS will have to be addressed there).

An iframe embeds a foreign page in your page, but from the point of view of that page it’s running from their domain, so the video loads with no concern for CORS.